The Answer is Both.

Both humic acid and fulvic acid exist together in what are called humates.

Humic acid is actually one of the smallest, most complex, naturally occurring substances on earth. The most unique thing about humic acid is that it is able to carry out two vital processes. It identifies and destroys viruses outside healthy cells. And, it boosts the immune system by going inside the cell to bring the cell the nutrients it needs.

Think of Organic Defense Humic Acid like this:

  • It stands on guard outside cell walls
  • It looks for unwanted viral trespassers
  • It identifies them and singles them out
  • It then acts like a big, floppy hat, encapsulating them
  • it makes viruses vulnerable to attack by the immune system
  • it boosts the immune system so the body can simply pass these invaders through as waste. (7)

Fulvic acid works with humic acid by transporting trace minerals into the cells. Humic acid is a ‘dilator’, helping the cell to more easily allow transfer of minerals through the cell wall so that the body can use them.

7) H. Peiper, N. D., Viral Immunity with Humic Acid, Expanded Edition.