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“It’s truly amazing how well and how fast Organic Defense has changed my quality of life”….


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  • “No more am I a slave to herpes outbreaks”



  • “No more waiting up to 2 weeks of your life before cold sores heal.”



  • “I am able to ward off all genital herpes symptoms… it is truly amazing. I am symptom free and have been for over 2 years”.



  • “Within 3 months after starting Organic Defense my viral load dropped 98% with no side effects!”



  • “As a stage three cancer survivor I am always seeking natural remedies that creates a strong immune system and decreases inflammation…. I will continue to use it to maintain inner health and restoration.”



Real People. Real Situations . These people found relief with Organic Defense and you can as well.  These sufferers are taking back their lives from the ravages of herpes and other viruses, reclaiming time with their friends and family. Anyone of these fine people could be a loved one of yours – Find out about this powerful resource for yourself or someone you love. 


  • “It’s truly amazing how well and fast Organic Defense has changed my quality of life.  I only wish I knew of it sooner. Couldn’t imagine life without it.”



  •  “As a 52 year old breast cancer survivor… 4 rounds of chemo and a month of radiation left me feeling pretty run down. After taking Organic Defense…the fogginess lifted and I felt alert again.”



  • “We are grateful for Organic Defense as it spared us all…from having to spend one day in bed or loss of productivity in our busy lives because of colds or flu.”



  • “Using Organic Defense keeps us healthy and working!”



  • I’m in places where people get sick and I could get sick; and I cannot afford to be sick. Once I started taking Organic Defense, I haven’t been sick at all. I’m at the top of my game!”




Take Back your LIfe.  Finally, you have a choice!










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