Buyer agrees to pay for all shipping and handling fees. Shipping charges are additional on all products. Shipping services are via USPS Priority Mail to all 50 States. 1st Day and 2d Day Air requests are shipped USPS Express Air. International shipments are processed through USPS or alternate carrier, based upon logistics and pricing.

Once your order has shipped, if you have not received your order within 10 business days, please notify Organic Defense® at

International Orders:

It is the sole responsibility of the customer to verify the laws and regulations of your country (the country you are shipping to) to determine if the items you purchase will be approved by customs or confiscated by authorities.

For shipments to all other countries, the following rules and restrictions apply:

  1. Do not order items that are illegal to import into your country.
  2. Laws vary country to country. It is your responsibility to check with your Customs office to see if your country permits the shipment of our products.
  3. If the package is seized by Customs for any reason and we do not receive the package back, we will not issue you a refund.
  4. If we do receive the package back after being seized and the products are in perfect condition, we will credit you the product cost, but you are still responsible for the shipping charges.
  5. You pay shipping charges based on the weight of the package and the destination.

If you’d like to know the shipping charges before you decide to order, please email us first with the country of destination and what you’d like to order and we will email back the exact shipping cost before you decide to order (email:

In–stock items normally ship within one business day; however, all sales are subject to availability and inventory validation. To protect your product, all orders are boxed and may require insurance and an adult signature for delivery. Combined, these costs have set our minimum handling fees at $2.50 per order (shipping fees are not included). Shipping and handling fees are subject to change without notice. For USA orders, please allow 5-7 days to get your order after it ships (can vary based upon shipping distance to destination). Items on manufacturer backorder can take several months to restock.

Point of origin for shipping is San Diego, California (Makoce Enterprises). Additional shipping, handling or insurance fees are billed if your order was processed with insufficient fees to ship.

  • Minimum handling fee is $2.50 per order (shipping fees are not included). Shipping and handling fees are subject to change without notice. Discontinued items will be deleted from your order as reflected on the shipping invoice.
  • Items on each order ship the as soon as they become available. We will make every attempt to accommodate changes to your order, however, due to the order fulfillment and production processes there is no guarantee of changes to “in-stock items” once an order has been placed and sent for shipping/production. (Once an item ships, changes and returns will have restock fees applied and there is no refund for the shipping/handling fees.) Prices subject to change: We will notify you via e–mail of any price increases to your order and require your reply with approval to process the order for shipping. Any items with a price increase may be deleted from the order and a full credit for the amount billed will be refunded (credited back to same credit card used for initial purchase). Pricing errors will be corrected on the Web site within 24 hours as possible.
  • The fastest way to have your order processed is by submitting your order online. Next–Day and 2–Day Air orders must be submitted online by 12:00 Noon PST to have any chance of shipping “in–stock items” on the same day submitted. (Items not in stock will ship when they arrive into inventory by the method you selected and paid for.) For manual orders and phone orders, please allow 24 hours (on average) to process your order internally before shipping can occur. For faster service, place orders online. During our busy periods or high volume seasons, manual orders and phone orders can take several days to process internally for processing and shipping.
  • Shipping companies charge additional fees for “oversized” boxes (large orders).

All orders with partially paid shipping and handling fees will not be shipped. Any delinquent invoices will be referred for collections and to legal counsel.

RETURNS / Undeliverable Shipment / Order Refusal:

Before returning any item, please call (619)-630-9163 to request a return authorization. (RA), required for all approved returns, based upon qualification.

All returns must be delivered back to Makoce Enterprises within 10 days of the date the customer received delivery of the item(s).

Defective product returns must be submitted to Makoce Enterprises within 24 hours of getting your delivery (per shipper’s delivery documentation) and the return must include our original shipping box/container.

RA# must be clearly written on the outside of the box next to the shipping label or it will be considered as an unauthorized return and the box is discarded.

Returned product is not resold.

When returning product, please use a traceable package delivery. i.e. UPS GROUND or USPS PRIORITY with delivery confirmation. There is a 20% restocking fee on all returns, refusals, or undeliverable shipments (NOTE: restock fee does not apply if you were shipped a wrong product). The original order Invoice (or packing slip) is required for all returns as proof of purchase.

Unauthorized Returns: Items returned without prior authorization (including valid RA# on box by label), are discarded without notification. This includes the returning of unauthorized items in the same shipment with approved returns, as well as, items returned after the 10 day requirement.

All shipping / handling fees are the responsibility of the Buyer and therefore do not qualify for credits/refund, including initial shipping/handling fees on orders being returned.

Buyer assumes ownership of merchandise at the time order is picked up by a shipping company. Please remember to check your product as soon as you receive it, and if there is any damage you must notify it to the same person who is delivering the product to you. Never sign any paperwork where you say you have received your product in good conditions if there is any damage. We automatically buy insurance for all orders at the full value of the purchase. This will allow you to be reimbursed by the insurance company for the amount insured. (If you have no insurance and sign for the delivery as in good condition, if anything is broken you would have little recourse.)

Credits are applied to the Buyer’s credit card used for purchase and is based upon the item purchase price only. Refusals and undeliverable shipments will be restocked and assessed the 20% restock fee and the remaining 80% of the purchase price will be credited to the Buyer’s credit card used for purchase (a new order would be required for purchasing these items again, subject to availability and price). Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks for credits to be issued.

All sales are final after 10 days.

Some products may require shipping via common carrier. Delivery time for orders exceeding 500 lbs. may take longer to ship. The Makoce Enterprises traffic department will contact you as to the actual ship time and coordinate the arrival of the shipment with you.

Prices are subject to change without notice. Price and availability information is subject to change without notice.