JulieAnn Engel is uniquely gifted as a health coach. She brings a vastness and depth of knowledge and experience to bear when she engages with a client. JulieAnn naturally brings a synthesis of social, physical and spiritual wisdom to her work. She is profoundly skilled in charting for you, your path to optimal health. So, to engage with JulieAnn Engel as a coach, is the experience of being truly seen as a whole valuable individual. You are treated as a full important person, worthy and deserving to live healthily and successfully.

One is in good capable hands when working with JulieAnn. I know that anyone who receives her services is quite blessed indeed.

Michael Dove-Director The Spiritual First Responders Network

JulieAnn has been an incredible wellness advisor to me during my recovery journey from advanced cancer back to complete restoration. Her wisdom, compassion and intuitive guidance continues to play a major role in my optimal wellness journey. I highly recommend her services. She is the real deal!

Lauren E. Miller M.Ed, CSC, PCC, SME: Stress Management

JulieAnn’s vast experience and knowledge of natural healing modalities, combined with her genuine, heartfelt desire to help people feel better, makes her the perfect person to partner with regarding your own optimum wellness. She helped me immeasurably when I was recovering from chemo and radiation…and inspires me to this day with her many suggestions on how I can feel even better. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Olivia Maynard

JulieAnn is so passionate about helping others find optimal health! She is so patient and thorough with her initial process of learning about one’s state of being with regards to their health and wellness. I suffer from health issues that include an autoimmune disease as well as Epstein bar virus which leaves me exhausted most of the time. JulieAnn has used both her knowledge and intuition to help me which has been just perfect, as I need both methods. I can tell such a difference with my everyday health and thank JulieAnn for answering her calling to help others in this very special way that only she can!

Lisa Kelley Jasso Certified Master Coach and Business Strategist