Organic Defense™ Humic Acid

Suggested use to Support your Immune System*


  • 1 capsule 1 – 2x per day to support normal health
  • 2 capsules daily; morning/evening, when at risk for cold / flu
  • 1 – 2 capsules 3x per day when experiencing non-life threatening viral illness for 2-3 days until symptoms subside; then adjust to 1- 2 capsules per day

CHILDREN: 6-12 years

  • ½ capsule 1 – 2x per day to support normal health

Easy to take: Organic Defense™ is available as capsules. Capsules can be taken before or with meals. Capsule contents can also be dissolved in hot water, tea or soup.  Capsule contents can be mixed in any soft foods. It has no odor or taste. Drink lots of clean purified water during the day.

Safety: Organic Defense™ Humic Acid is water soluble, non-toxic and does not interfere with prescription medications; safe for children six years and older.

Contains no artificial coloring, food dyes, no artificial preservatives, soy, dairy or yeast

* H. Peiper, N. D., Viral Immunity with Humic Acid, Expanded Edition.