That familiar tingling sensation started… Lisa thought, “Oh God, not again.”

Painful, annoying and taking up to 2 weeks to heal, Lisa frequently struggled with cold sores. But now she doesn’t have to worry that her stress is going to cause an outbreak.

Do you want to discover how she did it?

“When I first heard about Organic Defense, I was excited, so excited that I wanted to try it immediately. After 14 years of using prescription drugs that cost a fortune, here was something that was actually healthy to ingest and priced like a good supplement. Even better, it worked! I got great results. No more am I a slave to herpes outbreaks. Thank you! I love Organic Defense.”

Phyllis M., San Diego, California

What you don’t know about Organic Defense® will keep you struggling with Herpes year after year.

The facts and figure for herpes infections in the U.S are staggering. The frustration and embarrassment that it causes you can be daunting:

  • It is estimated that 1 in 5 adults have genital herpes (HSV-2)
  • It is known that 1 million new infections are reported each year.
  • Between 50 – 98% of adults suffer with cold sores (HSV-1)
  • This is further complicated by a cross infection rate of 10-15%; that is HSV-1 can cause genital herpes and HSV-2 can cause cold sores or oral herpes.

The good news, herpes does not have to remain a source of frustration or embarrassment for you. Imagine living your life without worrying if stress or other factors will cause another cold sore or genital outbreak.

Your life no longer has to be put on hold while you wait for a cold sore to heal or herpes outbreak to subside.

“After taking Organic Defense two times a day consistently I am able to ward off all genital herpes symptoms… it is truly amazing. I am symptom free and have been for over 2 years.”

Sarah, Lakeside, California

Finally, you have a choice!

Organic Defense® can help boost your immune system in a unique way, that specifically helps your body be stronger when dealing the herpes virus. Humic acid, the key ingredient in Organic Defense® is a natural and ancient plant based material. The National Institutes of Health and other clinical studies have shown its benefits in dealing with herpes and other viruses.

According to Dr. Helene Malabed*, an Osteopathic Physician specializing in Family Practice for over 17 years with a special focus on sexual and reproductive health, this proprietary and patented blend of humic acid is an incredible natural missing ingredient for not only optimal health, but a natural remedy for treating many viruses, especially herpes. Organic Defense® works by coating the virus and not allowing it to get into the cell to replicate; essentially encapsulating the virus until your immune system can appropriately deal with it.

Dr Malabed comments that although herpes will never be eliminated from your system, you can most certainly eliminate the symptoms—the sight of that ugly sore, the achiness, enlarged lymph nodes, or the feeling of “Oh my God, not again”. Taking Organic Defense® also reduces the likelihood that you will spread the disease by reducing your viral shedding. – a term meaning you are spreading herpes when you or your partner have no visible symptoms.

Dr. Malabed further comments that unlike Western medicine pharmaceuticals, where the side effects of common herpes drugs can kill your kidneys, trash your liver, and make you feel like crap (read the side effect profile for Healthcare professionals), the side effect of Organic Defense® humic acid is an overall improved immune system response.

“I have been dealing with cold sores since I was 16 years old. They are truly painful, annoying, and they take up to 2 weeks of your life before they heal. Anyone who gets cold sores knows what I’m talking about. Since I have been taking Organic Defense, I have noticed a huge change in the breakouts, now they are being fought from within. There is no tingling sensation, that you are going to get one— basically Organic Defense stops it in its tracks– and that’s like a miracle to me, because I’ve never had anything be able to do that before! My experience with Organic Defense is truly amazing. I feel I can get on with my life without worrying that stress is going to cause an outbreak. So thank you Organic Defense!”

Marie, Los Angeles, California

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* Dr. Malabed is based in Sacramento, California