If you shop at a traditional grocery store, the answer to that question is probably ‘not too fresh’. That’s because the vegetables and fruits in a traditional grocery store are generally harvested about a week before they are actually ripe, so they won’t spoil as they are shipped to your local grocery store.

Did you know that it’s the last 3 weeks of when a plant is growing to its peak ripeness, that 67% of the nutrients go into the plant? So if a plant is harvested 1week before it’s ripe, the nutrients were just reduced by about 1/3…. then you take your veggies home and they sit in your refrigerator for how many days? So by the time you get around to eating your fruits and vegetables, they are not very fresh, are they? Hmmm…. that ’s a bit like adding water to your gas tank, diluting the gas and expecting your car to run right! Your body does not operate the best on only 1/2 of the nutrition it needs…. remember food is our fuel, just like gas fuels a car. But food is not only our fuel, its also how our bodies repair, regenerate … so best to get ‘ nutrient dense’ fresh food for both nutrition and better taste. Visit your Farmer’s market, or grow your own… Intimidated about growing your own food? Then you need to check out a Tower Garden…. I’ve been eating off of mine for over 4.5 years… it’s actually easier than going to the grocery store, less expensive and I control my food source. I know my food is pesticide free and non-GMO. How about yours?