Not All Humic Acids are the Same.

Remember, where humic acid is taken from the earth is critical. It is only as potent and efficacious as the source it is retrieved from. In addition, the patented process used to purify humic acid is critical in maintaining and enhancing its beneficial and healing properties.

The SPT Advantage® of Organic Defense®

It stands for Source, Processing and Testing


You must always consider the source when taking a humic acid product. Organic Defense® Humic Acid has been retrieved from microscopically studied sources in the United States. It is made from the most efficacious raw material available.


The patented processing procedure that is used for Organic Defense® Humic Acid insures that the natural properties and benefits of this form of humic acid are intact. There are 15 patents (National and International) that protect this process, ensuring its purity and efficacy in supporting the immune system. This proprietary process that specially treats and sterilizes Organic Defense® Humic Acid, may make this particular form of humic acid the most effective antiviral product on the market. (7)


Every single grain of Organic Defense® Humic Acid goes through stringent, rigorous, comprehensive testing to ensure that you are getting the pure, effective, trusted humic acid your body requires and needs for optimal immune support.

Organic DefenseHumic Acid is FDA GRAS certified; Manufacturing facilities are cGMP Certified (Good Manufacturing Practices Certified); FDA and CA approved.

7) H. Peiper, N. D., Viral Immunity with Humic Acid, Expanded Edition.