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Benefits of PEMF – Energy Creates Healing

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PEMF: A-Z Research by Health Condition

The beneficial therapeutic effects of selected low-energy, time-varying magnetic fields, called pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMFs), have been documented with increasing frequency since 1973. Furthermore, double-blind evidence of therapeutic effects in other clinical disorders has emerged. These data, coupled with well-controlled laboratory findings on pertinent mechanisms of action, have begun to place PEMFs on a therapeutic par with surgically invasive methods but at considerably less risk and cost. Over the past decade, the number of publications on these topics has risen exponentially. They now include textbooks, specialty journals, and regular reviews by government agencies, in addition to individual articles, appearing in the wide spectrum of peer-reviewed, scientific sources. In a recent editorial in Current Contents, the editor reviews the frontiers of biomedical engineering focusing on Science Citation Index methods for identifying core research endeavors. Dr. Garfield chose PEMFs from among other biomedical engineering efforts as an example of a rapidly emerging discipline. – Dr. Andrew Bassett, Columbia University, Critical Reviews™ in Biomedical Engineering

Based on decades of experimental evidence an excellent argument can be made for the existence of a fundamental functional relationship between living systems and electromagnetic fields. We relate this observation to the integrated electric polarization vector, in turn a measure of the double layer charge distribution at the cell membrane. This discovery, already being applied to a number of clinical problems, lends strong support to the concept of an overarching electromagnetic framework for living systems. – Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine

The fundamental intrinsic electro-gravitational (neutrino-photon-phonon transduction) mechanism of human life is proposed. The finding is that the subtle forces of life and flux densities on the order of magnitude 10(-8) gauss are the critical factors in maintaining physiological homeostasis and repair when imbalance such as cancer occurs. – Panminerva Medica

Various types of magnetic and electromagnetic fields are now in successful use in modern medicine. Electromagnetic therapy carries the promise to heal numerous health problems, even where conventional medicine has failed. Today, magneto-therapy provides a non invasive, safe, and easy method to directly treat the site of injury, the source of pain and inflammation, and a variety of diseases and pathologies. Millions of people worldwide have received help in treatment of the musculoskeletal system, as well as for pain relief. Pulsed electromagnetic fields are one important modality in magneto-therapy. Recent technological innovations, implementing advancements in computer technologies, offer excellent state-of-the-art therapy. – Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine

Very weak magnetic fields have been shown to be associated with the human brain and heart. These fields, apparently physiologic, are about one million times weaker than the geomagnetic, the earth’s steady magnetic field, which measures about 0.5 gauss. As these fields are applied to the equations for solenoidal models, currents of about a microampere are derived; in perfect accord with recent clinical data indicating the therapeutic efficacy of weak currents in repair and growth of soft tissue, bone and nerve. They may convert mal-aligned atomic lattices of oncogenes and associated particles to homologous normal structures which may promulgate an adjustment to physiological homeostasis. – International Journal of Neuroscience

Although interest in energy medicine has existed for centuries in some parts of the world, in recent years this is an area of heightened interest for western healthcare practitioners. This awareness has been triggered by the growing body of knowledge on how EMFs interact with cellular systems. Optimistically, EMF therapy has the potential to revolutionize medicine, which is currently dominated by pharmaceutical and surgical interventions. In this case, new therapeutic tools may be developed for future clinicians to provide noninvasive treatments with low risk of side effects and no problem with drug interactions. EMF therapy for the treatment of pain, cancer, epilepsy, and inflammatory diseases like psoriasis, tendinitis and rheumatoid arthritis is currently being explored. The long-term success of this new area of medicine is still unknown. – Biomedical Sciences Instrumentation

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