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You are about to understand how every person who has ever suffered with the frustration and embarrassment of cold sores or other herpes viruses can live symptom free naturally. Our hope is that you take this information and let others know about the book and the simple keys to health. As a thank you we have compiled a lovely selection of gifts for you to enjoy:
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JulieAnn Engel

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Find out what people are saying about The Pink Elephant in the Bedroom

“The Pink Elephant bravely address a hidden and silent condition which many suffer with, frustrated and embarrassed. JulieAnn’s discussion is honest and noteworthy. We must bring the herpes virus to light as we have done with diseases such as HIV, depression and Cancer. We can not solve it without awareness and courage. She beautifully lays out the problem and like all favorite endings offers solutions and hope! Bravo! Many will thank you–and lives will forever change this time in a positive direction.”

Cathrine Silver, Holistic Health Coach

“As an advanced cancer conqueror, I am dedicated to maintaining an optimal immune system. JulieAnn is one of the first people I call when I have a question about the body and medication because of her extensive knowledge in the pharmaceutical world, along with alternative natural remedies for optimal health and wellness. Her book addresses an issue that is often avoided and left behind closed doors, leaving in its trail many silent sufferers. She not only approaches this “pink elephant” with humor and extensive insight, but also discusses a healthy remedy that has many positive outcomes within the body. I HIGHLY recommend her work in this world. She is brilliant.”

Lauren E Miller
Founder of Stress Solutions University,
Award Winning Author/Speaker