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4 bottles – Autoship

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4 bottles use for treatment of HIV – Detectable Viral Load – Monthly Autoship

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Have You Been
Diagnosed with HIV?*
*Detectable Viral load
Keep your Immune System Strong

Immune Support You Can Count On

Scientific studies suggest that humic acid may support your immune systems against many viruses(3-7,9,10,12).

• HIV-1
• Hepatitis
• West Nile Virus
• Coronavirus

Co-infection of HIV and herpes is high, between 50-90%. A herpes simplex infection can increase the viral load.

A National Institutes of Health Study (NIH) suggests that a number of viruses may be inhibited by Organic Defense® Humic acid including:

• Herpes
• Shingles/Chicken Pox
• Mononucleosis
• Flu (influenza)
• Viral gastroenteritis or norovirus (cruise ship disease/virus)
• Epstein-Barr

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