The Relationship between Viruses and Cancer

It is estimated by the National Institutes of Health that viral infections contribute to 15-20% of all human cancer. But this data is old and definitive studies have not been done on all cancers so the actual number is much higher.

Other herpes viruses beyond HSV-8, Epstein-Barr and viruses outside the herpes family; for example, HPV (Human papillomavirus) have been found to be related to cancer. As recently highlighted in the news, actor Michael Douglas explained his tongue cancer was caused by HPV.

A virus infected cell and a cancer cell are both very low energy (weak) cells. Viruses can compromise or wear down the immune system to the point where the cell becomes weak and does not work properly. Very simply put, a cancer cell is basically a cell with ‘programming’ that has run off course and the unhealthy cell does not know when to ‘die’. Complications arise when the body starts feeding the unhealthy cells with a blood supply, so fast growth of unhealthy cells is now possible.

While the above description is a bit of an over simplification, it helps one understand the general issues and dynamics involved. Specific supportive treatments for the immune system or agents that target viruses and raise the energy of a cell can provide new hope in better health.

As a stage three cancer survivor I am always seeking natural remedies that creates a strong immune system and decreases inflammation. I have been taking Organic Defense for a few months now, I started with one a day and now I am up to two. My energy levels are amazing. Having three children, I have been exposed to several viruses over the past month and did not get sick. I gave my teenagers Organic Defense when they came home with a cold and it cleared up in 48 hours. I have become attuned to my body’s “yes” and my body’s “no” when it comes to my inner well-being. I get a definite, “yes this is good for you” so I will continue to use it as I maintain inner health and restoration.

Lauren E Miller, CEO Micro-Wave Stress Solutions, Inc. / Stress Relief Expert/Best Selling Author/ International Speaker

I was a 52 year old breast cancer survivor of 2 years when I first tried Organic Defense. I mainly started taking it to build up my immune system after 4 rounds of chemo and a month of radiation had left me feeling pretty run down. After taking the first pill, I couldn’t believe the energy it gave me, the fogginess lifted and I felt alert again. I called JulieAnn and asked her if this was normal. She told me that cancer survivors seem to have that experience with Organic Defense. I now take Organic Defense 3 times a day especially in the late afternoon to reduce that tired feeling and before a long workout. I have been taking it for a year and a half and it continues to give me the lift I need to return to a normal life.

Maria Vitakis, Marina del Rey, California

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