What people are saying about Organic Defense®

Organic Defense is my go to for anything viral and it has saved me many times. When I had shingles, I immediately took 2 capsules, 3x a day and my shingles stopped in its tracks and was gone very quickly. During flu season, or any virus related issue, I have my whole family on Organic Defense, especially my 85 year old dad! We are healthy and happy. Thanks JulieAnn!

Betsy Wiersma, Founder CampExperience™ Network

Since trying Organic Defense over a month ago, I have never felt this good. Before I started it, I was doing a natural change in diet. I was feeling less energetic and off balance. Then I started Organic Defense, and what I was missing was corrected!! I feel on balance and on track!!

Ryan Thedford San Diego, California

When I first heard about Organic Defense, I was excited, so excited that I wanted to try it immediately. After 14 years of using prescription drugs that cost a fortune, here was something that was actually healthy to ingest and priced like a good supplement. Even better, it worked! I got great results. No more am I a slave to herpes outbreaks. Thank you! I love Organic Defense.

Phyllis M. San Diego, California

After taking Organic Defense two times a day consistently I am able to ward off all genital herpes symptoms… it is truly amazing. I am symptom free and have been for over 2 years.

Sarah, Lakeside, CA

“After being diagnosed with Hep C, I took interferon and ribavirin for 6 months. In the first month, my viral load dropped from 5 million to zero and it looked like I would be one of the lucky 50% whose treatment was successful. However, 2 months after I stopped treatment, my viral load shot back up to 3 million. The treatment did not work for me and caused horrific side effects such as memory loss and complete hair loss. Then I discovered Organic Defense, a natural supplement with no side effects. Within 3 months my viral load dropped to 67,000! After another 3 months, my viral load dropped even further to 40,000! With continued use of Organic Defense my viral load is now 1423. That’s a 99.9% reduction with no side effects! This news is a blessing, and for the western doctors, unexplainable. I encourage folks with viral issues to research Organic Defense. I want to thank all for their prayers, help and acts of kindness. I am very lucky to have such a loving community/family.”

Cheryl Lindley, San Diego, CA

As a stage three cancer survivor I am always seeking natural remedies that creates a strong immune system and decreases inflammation. I have been taking Organic Defense for a few months now, I started with one a day and now I am up to two. My energy levels are amazing. Having three children, I have been exposed to several viruses over the past month and did not get sick. I gave my teenagers Organic Defense when they came home with a cold and it cleared up in 48 hours. I have become attuned to my body’s “yes” and my body’s “no” when it comes to my inner well-being. I get a definite, “yes this is good for you” so I will continue to use it as I maintain inner health and restoration.

Lauren E Miller, CEO
Micro-Wave Stress Solutions, Inc.
Stress Relief Expert/Best Selling Author/ International Speaker

I was a 52 year old breast cancer survivor of 2 years when I first tried Organic Defense. I mainly started taking it to build up my immune system after 4 rounds of chemo and a month of radiation had left me feeling pretty run down. After taking the first pill, I couldn’t believe the energy it gave me, the fogginess lifted and I felt alert again. I called JulieAnn and asked her if this was normal. She told me that cancer survivors seem to have that experience with Organic Defense. I now take Organic Defense 3 times a day especially in the late afternoon to reduce that tired feeling and before a long workout. I have been taking it for a year and a half and it continues to give me the lift I need to return to a normal life.

Maria Vitakis, Marina del Rey, California

Using Organic Defense has changed my life and my staff’s life. Doing Trade Shows you are susceptible to many viruses, shaking people’s hands. Using Organic Defense keeps us healthy and working!

Michal Mael, CEO
Rock Our World Inc.
Hollywood, California

Thank you from myself and my clients at Complete Nutrition Alliance for Organic Defense!  Organic Defense is a Top-of-the-Line Immune Boosting product that helped my family and clients stay healthy through the past Colorado winter.  We are grateful for Organic Defense as it spared us all, both adults and children, from having to spend one day in bed or loss of productivity in our busy lives because of colds or flu. Thank you, I appreciate you so much.

Gerri Kier, CNHP
Complete Nutrition Alliance
Complete Wellness Emporium
Lafayette, Colorado

A few years ago I became ill with Mono, caused by the Epstein Barr virus. My health practitioner warned me that my immune system is now compromised. When I was introduced to Organic Defense I was relieved and excited to find a wellness based product that naturally supports the overall vitality of my health, by boosting my immune system and by supplying needed trace minerals. I also like that Organic Defense reduces inflammation, as inflammation is at the base of all aging and disease. I take it daily as a supplement to protect and prevent, thank you Organic Defense!

M.D., San Diego, CA

I had been suffering from Chronic Ulcerative Colitis for over 12 years. It became extreme when I became pregnant with my first child. After a year and a half of being on steroids, getting infusions, and being on different medications to try to get it under control, I thought there had to be another way. I did my own research into the condition and different natural treatments people have tried. I found that Humic Acid was seemed to be the key to healing. I was put in contact with Organic Defense. I have been using Organic Defense daily for around 14 months now. After around 2 weeks I was off ALL of the medications for my colitis. Organic Defense along with a probiotic is all that I take to maintain my extreme case of Chronic Ulcerative Colitis and I haven’t had any flare ups or colitis related issues since. Not to mention I haven’t had any colds or illnesses which I used to get a lot of because Colitis is an auto-immune disease. It’s truly amazing how well and fast Organic Defense has changed my quality of life. I only wish I knew of it sooner. Couldn’t imagine life without it.

Carissa Vignocchi, North Riverside, IL

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