Why is there a hummingbird on my site and part of my brand identity?

The hummingbird symbolizes great possibility.  It’s known as a messenger and stopper of time. This almost weightless bird has the ability to fly backwards, teaching us that we can look back at our past, as a reflection, and best used as a tool to move forward, a guide to where we now need to go.  No regrets…. just a reference…  And the hummingbird can fly in place, teaching us the value of staying in the present, while being ready to powerfully move forward when it’s time!

This seemingly magical and mysterious bird teaches us about the medicinal properties of plants, how to work with that energy to heal ourselves and others.

An amazing migrator, the hummingbird is known to fly as far as 2000 miles to reach its destination! Spiritually, this quality is to remind us to be persistent, whether it is in pursuit of our dreams or simply to adopt tenacity in our lives to achieve our goals.

Most interesting of all, the hummingbird has a powerful spiritual significance… it is a symbol of resurrection in the Andes of South America.  The tiny bird seems to die on cold nights, but comes back to life again at sunrise.

The body was designed to heal and heal more profoundly than most people can possibly imagine. By the time the body manifests a slow down, sickness or disease,  the individual has been on that road for a while.  At the very core of my soul I believe in possibilities… it’s my goal to make a difference for people who dare to believe in possibilities and step out to find them.

It is my passion is to bring my experience and knowledge in traditional, holistic, and state of the art healing modalities to all who work with me so people can step into new possibilities.  It starts with the 3 Key pillars of support that the body needs to thrive.

  1. Nutrient dense quality food
  2. A strong immune system
  3. Energy to heal

I’m excited about the launching of my new website.  It has brought together all of my areas of expertise to empower people, to make a difference in their lives. It’s a promise kept to my dear friend, Emma Tiebens, who passed away in 2018. She was a gifted, talented, gracious, generous, loving and tenacious soul.  I still remember the day she looked deeply at me and said, “you need to be sharing all of your knowledge with everyone you know”.

I like to think that she is the hummingbird that has been coming to visit me outside my window.